Will Trump’s Social Media Executive Order Help Against Crypto YouTube Bans?

The president of America, Donald Trump is known for his outspoken nature. He is often seen making comments about the latest happenings around the world. While US elections were taking place, he made a tweet that was soon deleted by Twitter.

Trump posted those tweets on the voting and ballots and hashtag was fact-check. This led to the deletion of this tweet that said, “Get the facts about mail-in ballots”. After the deletion of his tweet, Trump posted another tweet.

According to Twitter, his tweet could lead to corruption and fraud. To which Trump did not agree and mentioned in his tweet as well. Trump made it clear in his tweet that Twitter is interfering with the 2020 Presidential Election.

Crypto YouTubers Have Also Been Banned Recently

This is not the first time a social media platform has targeted an internet entity. The crypto YouTubers have also become the target of social media censorship. There are many YouTube channels and videos that were banned and flagged over the last six months.

YouTube has started to ban many successful and popular crypto channels. Many influencers were banned from the platform in December 2019. One such example is Ivan on Tech. Once he received a flag, it immediately made him alert and he shifted his videos on the private mode.

Another popular crypto content maker was Chris Dunn. Chris Dunn’s channel had more than 210, 000 subscribers. He suddenly noticed that YouTube has deleted every video that mentioned Cryptocurrency. According to YouTube, it was harmful to its users and mentioned the sale of unregulated goods. He was stunned at this and his anger exploded through a tweet on Twitter.

In the first quarter of 2020, another series of a ban was imposed on some popular crypto YouTubers. This time it hit a trading YouTuber, Tone Vays. One of the most common reason to ban such channels was links to external links that mentioned exchanges.

YouTube has not banned every crypto-related channel just the ones having external links. Some of the YouTube channels were also restored after a certain period. But the restoration period was not the same in every case. Some of the banned channels are running smoothly today.

Some channels continuously appealed to restore their content but all in vain. For instance, CryptosRus channel’s appeal was sidelined by YouTube even after multiple requests. This channel is still not active on the present day.

Some YouTubers are searching for other platforms to share their content and get paid. There are limited video sharing platforms that also allows its users to monetize their content. This by far the biggest reason for many YouTubers to join this platform.

Trump’s Social Media Executive Order And YouTube Bans

American president Donald Trump has signed Social Media Executive order. This order seems to be a relief for many social media entities who are using the platforms as a means of income.

Trump believes that America is a country where freedom of speech has been a talk of the town since the beginning. We are living in a world where every country has come even closer to each other through social media platforms.

There are a limited number of social media platforms that are being used by the American public regularly. The country relies on such platforms to stay up to date every day. These platforms have to become public-centric.

But a question has arisen in the favor of crypto YouTubers. Is it going to give the famous YouTubers a relief? Of course, it can. The social media executive has removed the authority of platforms to hide, ban, or remove a content that seems harmful.

This order can also be dangerous in the worst scenario of someone using it to spread fake news. But it has given crypto social media influencers an immunity. They can run their content within the limits of the platforms. There will be no over-censorship on any YouTuber as of now.

The blockchain giants, on the other hand, are working on creating a platform where there is no censorship on crypto-related content. Such a platform will be more useful because then crypto content makers will not have to worry about the constant threat of sudden removal of their videos or posts. Hence, it will solve the issue altogether.