Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Is Ready To Start Blockchain Securities Platform

“Tel Aviv Stock Exchange” (TASE) was inaugurated in Israel in September 1953. The main function of this establishment is playing the main role in the economy of Israel and availing a market infrastructure, focused on economic growth.

It is basically the “home-court” for the investment community of Israel offering investors with a trustworthy and understanding business platform. TASE is also considered as the “home-court” for various companies in Israel looking for raising capital to touch the liquidity and the growth objectives of them.

TASE Launching Blockchain Security Facilities

TASE or the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange has come up with the idea of establishing its securities lending supply based on blockchain. An announcement was made on the 28th of July by TASE and it said that the institution would offer a crucial function in the capital markets of the nation that is short of a central system for funding securities, at present.

In contrast to the present scenario that is not successful to match the investors’ requirements, the current system based on blockchain will focus each and every activity of security lending at the same spot and activate straight up borrowing among the investors across the primary financial equipment range.

Strived and Trialed

In March 2020, the “Tel Aviv Stock Exchange” came up with a committed environment for testing for the platform which gave allowance to the members to run loan transactions. According to these results, the exchange is making adjustments with its approaches in the lead-in to November. The exchange made prominence in the value that blockchain technologies offered – peer to peer transaction support, smart contract operation along with uplifted transaction security for the unchangeable standard, to be very specific.

TASE also made the statement that this allows the exchange curators and customers to work at inexpensive prices along with a security level stronger than before. The director and the senior VP of TASE, Orly Greenfield stated that Blockchain technology would be making security lending businesses capable of the protection of data and giving complete support to the increment in the transaction counts.

TASE Partnered with Intel and Accenture

At first, the “Tel Aviv Stock Exchange” made this announcement about the building up of its very brand new platform in the month of May 2018 which was erected with the usage of Hyperledger Sawtooth. This specific exchange has made collaboration on the design with partners including companies like Intel, Accenture, and Israeli fintech The Floor.