Overheated Doge: 5 Times Crypto Traders Were Warned Before Their Assets Tanked

Skilled traders know the importance of a crypto bull market with incredible profit opportunities. However, the asset’s upward price movements and downturns may have different turns for them. Anticipating such shortcomings beforehand can be extremely helpful in analyzing the right time on when to exit a potion and lock the gains of the asset.

Investors should have a stronghold on the data intelligence tools as these AI-driven tools can help in anticipating the upcoming dips early. These are backed up with years of historical data. Let’s analyze the five times these AI tools like VORTECS have anticipated the market beforehand.

The Dogecoin was the first one that showed very high and low VORTECS scores. The scores went above 80 on the morning of April 13th, when the price curve was about $0.073. The familiar range of celebrity tweets and rising trading volume could also be considered here. Less than 12 hours later, the prices increased to $0.141. Even though it represented a rebound, the score dipped into the red area of below 30, followed by a correction to $0.110 in a few hours.

The price of the COTI dropped sharply from $0.29 to $0.45 in just an hour on August 26th. According to the AI, it has similarities with COTI’s past price corrections. Within two hours, COTI  reversed it and fell to $0.35.

Around September 7th and 9th, NEAR protocol ranged from $6.00 to $11.58 within just three days. The score dipped to the 30s suggesting an intermittent decline. The price was at around $11.00 and is still growing higher. Thirty-six hours later, it laid down to $9.00.

The NMR had a sudden peak of $79.07, and the score went below 30. However, in less than two hours, the price went back to $63.00 in just two days.

STX witnessed a rise from $1.44 to $2.99, after which the prices fell. The AI suspected an algorithm within a combination of factors and displayed a red score. After 30 hours, the price went back to $1.86. Sixteen hours after this, it went to the week’s highest price at $2.39.