Justin Sun Offers $1 Million Bounty in Exchange for Twitter Hackers

Justin Sun, one of the highly successful and popular tech entrepreneurs of recent times, known for founding TRON and heading BitTorrent, recently announced a bounty of $1 million for anyone who helps him find his Twitter account. Recently, hundreds of Twitter accounts of celebrities and popular figures were hacked by the anonymous hacker(s). Even though the accounts are retrieved now, it is not yet known as to who is responsible for such a large scale hack. 

Justin Sun says that he would readily give $1 million to the person or the group involved in causing this wide-scale Twitter hack. Justin Sun added that TRON is working closely with Twitter to analyze and resolve the issue and fill in the gaps that caused this incident. He added that the company is highly responsible for all the Twitter accounts it maintains, and are vigilant when it comes to handling and operating the accounts, safely and securely. Sun said that this event clearly highlights the fact that our society needs to incline towards using reliable software and services that are decentralized. 

On July 15, a large portion of Twitter accounts, including that of the famous personalities, business figures, public figures, and many major businesses, including that from the crypto space, were hacked. It is not yet clear as to who is responsible for this incident. Not only the businesses and people from the Crypto space were targeted, but Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates and Tesla’s founder Elon Musk’s Twitter accounts were also hacked. The hacks range from various kinds of false partnership announcements to hoax BTC giveaway and more. 

Some other popular names whose Twitter accounts were hacked, included Kanye West, Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Jeff Bezos, and more. An advanced cryptocurrency tracking firm named Whale Alert provided data on how much the hacker(s) were able to collect through the mass Twitter hack that occurred on July 15. The firm revealed that even though it can be undoubtedly termed the hack of the year, the hacker(s) was only able to gather $58,000 so far. It is time and time reiterated by the crypto experts that when dealing in cryptocurrencies, the use of cold wallets or a smartphone is essential. It would ensure comprehensive security for the cryptocurrencies and prevent it from getting easily stolen by the hackers. 

The Justin Sun account was retrieved soon after it was hacked, but his company, TRON’s twitter account, is yet to be recovered. Twitter support said that even though it is not yet clear as to who is responsible for hacking 130 Twitter accounts on July 15, it is clear from the data currently available that it was a well-planned social engineering hack. Twitter has currently started an internal investigation as it was clear that the hack of such a scale is not possible without internal and restricted access. Moreover, additional security features and layers are being worked upon that the company plans to implement soon to protect its users’ security and privacy.