HyperMate – The best hardware wallet of cryptocurrency

Today the craze for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is reaching sky high because millions of people are making great use of this electronic currency for numerous purposes. Though this concept of using digital currency came into existence in the year 2009, it gained high popularity in recent years. By seeing the demand for cryptocurrency, experts are coming up with many new options in the digital currency world to make it convenient for the people to use this electronic currency.

HyperMate is one of the best hardware wallets invented by experts to make cryptocurrency usage more convenient. Developed by HyperPay, a multi-ecological digital wallet, HyperMate adds bitcoin cash and has Litecoin Multi-Sig Support. BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, HC, and ERC20 are some of the supported hardware multi-signature currencies of this hardware wallet (HyperMate).

How to operate HyperMate

One can connect HyperMate to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, which has to be conducted in HyperPay App. This app is the famous payment gateway of MENA and plays a major role in offering payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes. This is proven as one of the best hardware wallets that we would ever need. The main concept of this app is to help both users and service providers to access, exchange, and make fund transaction. 

HyperPay App supports both Android and iOS. The best thing about this HyperPay App is it helps in conducting HyperMate without any problems like network risks and many others. To generate a payment in the HyperMate app, one needs to pair a mobile device with HyperMate and select the coin type that you want to spend and follow the instructions accordingly.

Why HyperMate added Litecoin multi-sig function support

HyperMate, one of the best and highly secure crypto hardware wallets, is looking to realize multi-signature within the cryptocurrency world. There are two different types of multi-signatures available in the cryptocurrency industry, namely, non-hardware multi-signature and hardware multi-signature, where the private key security is not guaranteed, which may cause danger.

Though multi-signature helps users to use the private key, it may get hacked. Though the cryptocurrency concept came into existence long back yet, there is no proper security yet. So to solve such problems and make it safe and secure for the customers to use their wallets without any hacking problem, HyperMate added Litecoin multi-signature function support to assist and ensure safety.

Process of using multi-sig function wallet

Multi-sig is a digital signature scheme that is highly used by cryptocurrency users, where it allows a group of users to sign a single document. It adds the best security for cryptocurrency transactions. The process of using a multi-sig wallet is very simple on HyperMate, where one needs to create a multi-sig wallet by setting a number of members. Once the wallet is created, it has to be generated and wait for other members to join. Once all the members are added system automatically generates a multi-sig address and sends it to all the members. To make transactions, simply connect to HyperMate, enter pin code, and when the signatures are fulfilled by all the members, the system will automatically pack the transaction and send it.