Bitcoin Whitepaper Fight Could End Up In Court As Both Parties Escalate The Drama

After the two parties in question have assured Cointelegraph that they are willing to ‘go all the way,’ the unfolding drama involving the custody of the Bitcoin (BTC) white sheet could easily enter the courts. On January 21, attorneys for Craig Wright, the man who claims to be the Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, sued the founders of two Bitcoin websites with court action. Wright claims to be the original holder of copyright for the Bitcoin whitepaper.

One of the web pages,, has since deleted the document because it is not worth it to be interwoven in an expensive court dispute with Wright. The owner, however, has previously declined to delete the white paper from, who was also aimed at Wright.

The pseudonymous developers known as Cobra exclusively talked to Cointelegraph saying that he would be able to protect himself at a court if he wanted to face legal action against him. In his last speech on behalf of Craig Wright, Ed Pownall of CoinGeek advised Cointelegraph that Cobra and those who failed to abide by 4 options:

React not and do nothing: this will lead to Craig issuing copyright infringement charges against them.

Respond to our letters telling us they are taking down the WP / the publications of the WP from their websites, and they actually do so: no action to take against them

Do not address the WP/WP publications of their websites, but also take it off: in compliance with 3 parameters.

Wright’s solicitor would be able to request the courts for the default verdict if Cobra did not respond or present a client, Pownall said. Pownall added that he would be willing to appeal without trial to the courts.

In 2019, after Buterin had mocked Wright’s assertion of Satoshi Nakamoto, Wright threatened to sue Ethereum (ETH) founder VitalikButerin for defamation and to brand him a fake. Buterin actually did not address the letter in this situation and the time-frame inevitably elapsed.

Wright has already filed proceedings against many individuals, including Bitcoin podcaster, Peter McCormack, Bitcoin creator, Adam Back and founder, Roger Ver — both having different degrees of performance.

The fight over Bitcoin Whitepaper legal ownership could be taken to trial when one owner of the domain declined to withdraw from the legal threats of Craig Wright. With a lot of things to unfold the drama is still going on.