20 Top Universities Join Oasis Blockchain Network’s Data Program

Blockchain and data science are one of the hottest debate topics at present. Even students around the world are interested in getting knowledge about these topics.

Students from the world’s prestigious universities like Oxford University and Cornell University have joined the blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails as the founder member of the Oasis University Program.

The program was recently inaugurated on August 13, and the primary goal is to highlight the oasis program within the student’s society. Students’ interest in these areas of the blockchain network can be seen as a hint for a bright future for blockchain.

What is an oasis network?

Oasis network is a proof-of-stake blockchain that has been designed to help in the tokenization of data. Thus, the process will enable users to maintain and have control over the data that is shared. Therefore, users will get the ability to control how their information is being shared and access their data. 

How will this data program work?

Series of seminars will be conducted, and students will get technical support to understand how to share data responsibly. In addition to this, university groups will also build apps, run validators, and engage in the oasis network

‘s governance.

The program’s main aim will be to foster the growth of a substantive ecosystem that will be focused on building a responsible data economy.

Who are the founder members of this program?

The program’s founder members include blockchain societies from Oxford University, Cambridge University, Berkeley University, and other top universities from all around the globe.

Why are students and universities interested in this program?

As per Dr. Philip Sanders, the head of Frankfurt University thinks that the blockchain benefits added with the data privacy aspect encouraged his group. As per Dr. Philip Sanders, this will help run a node, participate in the use of the network, and practical research and practical education.

Blockchain and data science will be used for different applications worldwide. The step taken by Oasis Blockchain Network’s data program can be seen as a welcome step in the field of blockchain. The way students from top universities join the program can be seen as a milestone achieved by the program.

Let’s see how good this program will perform in the future.